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Welcome to the world of the REAL                             

Times Arrow ( audio) a brief description of the 3d idea of time's arrow and how it affects us in the 3D realm)

Mist rising over a lake on a beautiful summer morning


Welcome to the world of the real - By Stormsfury 

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I link only to the very best! here they are:


Steve Christie's wRong

Basic science:

Speed of light -  186,000 MP/s

Earth's distance from the sun:

93,000,000 Miles

Distance of the Moon from Earth:

238,857 Miles

Earth's age:

4.4 billion years

lighting captured on video when i first started filming in 2003

One in every four strikes of lightning hit the ground(cloud to ground), the rest travel between the clouds giving the effect of "sheet lightning" when it is actually something called "cloud to cloud" lightning. Sometimes the strike can even happen within one cloud.

There is never a time when the earth isn't experiencing thunderstorms somewhere, they are never silent.

Due to the lack of opposing forces no thunderstorms have ever been recorded over the north pole.