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Welcome to the world of the real - By Stormsfury 

(formerly what is the meaning of life) 

Stormsfury dot com? Yes , I am Stormsfury and this site  (formerly "what is the meaning of life?") is transforming with me as we go on a journey. A journey beyond lies, brain training and medication. From here we look at life and matter from the most inner space to the outer reaches of the mind. We look at conciousness, the spiritual path and the reality of that path with nothing glossed over.

The things is "WHAT is this site" has been a debate burning inside and outside of my mind, and just as I cant quite yet focus on where I'm heading yet. I can only see parts of what is, and what is to be. What i can tell you is that this site is the place where science and spirituality do not clash, they conspire. They work together. This is  the place for those that are thinking about "Spiritual" ideas for the first time, or awakening for the first time  and yet don't want to dive in to it least not yet. 

There is a stereotype for the spiritual path as there is of everything and yes some of it is true. That's why here, you will get none of that not because i condemn it, but because i can relate to you  if you are coming at this from a "try it and see" point of view. Or if you just want to go slowly and learn a little bit about everything rather than focus on one thing. Sometimes a good view of the "globe" can help you grasp what the spectrum of ideas philosophies and belief's are. And if they are thing you are truly ready to open your mind and body to. 

It is "work" and you don't EVER want to fake it, because you will never forgive yourself. Or worse you might actually believe yourself, then you are in a word of trouble. From the flip side if you are really scientific and certain things don't add up for you, and yet you are here? Then maybe you are looking for a doorway to accepting the world of things that don't add up. At least from a 3 dimensional human perspective anyway. This site is about creation and connection and the way "in" to it , for people that wont leap on faith but need something a little more tangible. This is a place where I get that point of view.

You will also hear and see other members of this "spiritual" community and see creative works and hear what they have to say, interviews and videos  that i hope will help not only promote them. But help diversify the "opinion" of this site. This site needs to be more than just my opinion to really do what it is designed to do. This site is like the universe itself, through attraction and creation. It is trying to discover it's very nature. And knows there are plenty of people that would want to share in the knowledge that we keep finding. 

More and more people are waking up; whether you are the Russell Brand type, or more a Dain Heer fan or maybe you like Darwin. I truly hope something here can make a difference to you, allow you to immerse in this world, without worrying about labels and customs when right now you just want knowledge and "truth". And maybe a little inspiration.

And I'd like to think you will also see moments of pure stupidity. Why? Because i can!

Welcome to Welcome to the world of the REAL.

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